SWEET TREATS and Baked goods

Whether you’re a baker, candy maker, or are looking to bring new life to your diet, Capella has a flavor for you.

Our rich dessert and cream profiles are perfect for frostings, cookies, and cakes, while our bright fruits are perfect for candies and other confectionary treats. Our diverse line of diet-friendly flavors is also perfect to liven up protein shakes and other meal replacements. With no Calories, Fats, or Sugars our flavors are perfect whether your diet is calorie restrictive, low-carb, or HGC.

Coffee & Tea

Capella made its beginnings as a flavored coffee company that went on to change the way the market thinks about flavors, so it goes without saying our multipurpose flavors pair perfectly with coffees and teas.

Wake up your favorite morning beverage by simply adding a few drops of your favorite flavor and sweetener until you find the taste that’s just right for you.

Carbonated Drinks

If you’re a soda lover trying to cut back on health bombs like sugar and corn syrup, our flavors will rock your world!

Capella’s wide variety of fruit, beverage, and candy flavors pair perfectly with the soda stream and other sparkling beverages, offering a healthy alternative to your favorite carbonated drinks.

Beer & Cocktails

Whether you want to deepen the richness of a Stout with one of our creams, brighten up an IPA with our juicy fruits or add a new layer to a craft cocktail, Capella has a flavor for you.

Professional Brewers and Bartenders agree, Capella’s concentrates are the perfect way to add a unique twist to your next adult beverage.


Our flavors have recently gained popularity in the cannabis industry. We have even specifically developed our MCT based Oil Soluble flavors with CBD tinctures in mind (though our water soluble profiles work just as well).

Since Capella’s flavors are highly concentrated, only a small amount is needed to flavor your product. Our customers agree that Capella’s concentrates are perfect for enhancing CBD products by masking and softening residual taste from the CBD oil.

Health & Wellness

Our diverse line of diet friendly flavors are perfect to liven up protein shakes, low-carb treats and other low impact food creations. With no Calories, Fats, or Sugars our flavors are perfect whether your diet is calorie restrictive, low-carb, or HGC.

Wax Products

Our flavors not only taste great but smell fantastic, which is why some of our customers use them to enhance multiple senses.

Capella’s concentrates are a fun way to add fragrance and taste to wax products like candles and chapstick.

UsING OUR products
The best way to learn how our flavors work best with your intended application is by experimenting in small batches. Since everyone’s senses are different, we recommend starting small by adding a few drops of flavor per ounce of product and slowly increasing until the desired taste is achieved.