Whether you are adding to a water-based beverage, an essential oil, or just looking for that extra bit of sweet, we have you covered.

Water-soluble flavors

Our most broad and diverse range of flavors predominantly use Propylene Glycol and/or Ethyl Alcohol as carriers, making them perfect to homogenize with just about anything you can dream of flavoring.

Oil-soluble flavors

This specialized line of OS flavors are suspended in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil) which makes them perfect for tinctures, frostings, beauty products and any other oil-based creations meant for consumption.

Flavor Enhancers

Our unique line of highly concentrated flavor enhancers allow you to give your product a special sweet or sour twist by simply adding just a few drops.
150+ carefully CRAFTed FLAVORS

Capella Flavors offers nearly 200 premium multi-purpose flavor concentrates. Our diverse line of flavors are specially crafted with only the finest and purest ingredients to create deep aroma, dense concentration, and unparalleled taste.

Our economy of scale

Our production facility, flavor lab, and warehouse span across multiple buildings. We utilize 5000 Gallon mixing vats to achieve limitless production capacity. What this means is we have the capability to fulfill any order regardless of the size.

Only the finest ingredients

We know how important quality is to our customers which is why our team of highly skilled flavorists take the time to specially select high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients for each formula. Our flavors are free from allergens and animal byproducts.

GRAS Approved

Every flavor we produce is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS Statement) by the FDA. All of our flavors are proudly made in the USA. We pride ourselves in following the strictest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and GMP Guidelines to ensure unprecedented purity and safety in every batch.

Regulatory Docs

For questions about compliance or additional documents, please Contact Customer Service with your order number and request.

Allergen Statement

GRAS Statement

No Nicotine Statement

SDS and Spec Sheets

A/P Status COAs

UsING OUR products
The best way to learn how our flavors work best with your intended application is by experimenting in small batches. Since everyone’s senses are different, we recommend starting small by adding a few drops of flavor per ounce of product and slowly increasing until the desired taste is achieved.



preservatives &


calories, fats, carbs, & sugars



Custom Flavors

If after browsing our catalogue of over 150 flavors, you find we don’t have what you’re looking for, we are happy to create a custom flavor just for you. Our research and development department has expert flavorists and cutting edge equipment to help you achieve the flavor you crave.

The minimum order quantity for custom flavors starts at 15 Gallon Drums. For more information please reach out to projects@capellaflavors.com